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Associated Environmental Scientists & Economists, Inc. (AESE)

P.O. Box 50392
Henderson, NV 89016

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A Group of Environmental Professionals

AESE, Inc. has had a broad list of clients including consulting firms, law firms, industry, international and tribal governments. However, our preference is to provide technical services to tribes and other indigenous peoples. This is because, almost all of our members are either members of a tribe or have at least worked for tribes in the past. AESE's policy is to contract solely with tribal governments and to a lesser extent industry as long as that industry is not affecting or does not have the potential to affect a tribe. In this capacity and due to our sometimes adversarial relationships with the federal regulating agencies holding fiduciary or trust obligations to tribes (predominantly EPA, BLM, or DOE), AESE DOES NOT and WILL NOT CONTRACT WITH FEDERAL REGULATORS, unless such contracts are related to research that ultimately could positively affect tribes.

AESE, Inc. has established a reputation for high quality hydrogeological, environmental, and economic analysis, human health risk assessment including tribal subsistence impact assessment, innovative problem solving and regulatory negotiating skills, and personalized service. Our philosophy is simple. Whether we are conducting baseline investigations, developing tribal health-based remediation plans, or dealing with tough regulatory problems, we look for cost-effective sensible solutions that reflect tribal values and support traditional resource use.

An Experienced Team Using a Cost-Effective Integrated Approach

AESE offers a comprehensive range of services involved in: integrating scientific and technical approaches with traditional environmental knowledge, practical understanding of remediation operations, ecological systems, Government to Government consultation processes, regulatory or permitting requirements, and ultimately building tribal capacity in human health, environmental, and natural resources related programs or departments, developing tribal codes such as surface or ground water quality standards or hazardous waste substance codes, tribal integrated resource management plans (IRMP) and or land use plans.


Our technical areas of expertise include: geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, toxicology, public and environmental health, biology, ecology, hazardous, nuclear, mining, and municipal solid waste management, site characterization and monitoring, U.S. and global environmental law, computer, GIS, and computer aided design (CAD) services, audio/visual presentation services, quality assurance/quality control, and database management. This integrated approach proves to be advantageous when solving complex multidisciplinary problems involving tribal resources. We solve problems by developing teams of world renowned experts. Our academic affiliations, networking capabilities, long-term experience with regulatory and tribal situations, and diverse backgrounds allow us to tailor teams to solve each client's specific need. Operating the firm with this minimal need for bureaucracy allows us to minimize overhead costs. These teams can also serve as expert witnesses, handle permitting and regulatory interactions, litigation support, and any challenge that requires a thorough understanding of environmental law and engineering design.

Working With AESE

AESE, Inc. is large enough to meet your environmental needs, we're still dedicated to providing personalized customer service. At AESE we consider ourselves part of your team and listen closely to your concerns. AESE believes in starting with a sound pragmatic approach. We strive for simplicity and developing cost-effective solutions to your complex problems. Our philosophy is simple. Whether we are conducting baseline investigations, developing remediation plans, or dealing with tough regulatory problems, we look for cost-effective sensible solutions.

Our Technical Disciplines

AESE's in-house staff is versed in the following disciplines (see enclosed Professional Profiles):

·         Dr. Fred Kirschner

·         Dr. Barbara Harper, DABT

Services Provided


General Disciplines

Recent Examples of Our Current Work

We are experimenting with YouTube videos of webinars as an educational tool.  These tend to be on the order of an hour in length. The first video describes what we do and who we work for.  Videos for all of the mining-related CERCLA work are not currently available.  However, a series of videos are available for recent work performed for the Elem Pomo Tribe on the Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine Superfund site located on Clear Lake California is presented along brief descriptions of Two (other) Mining-Related Studies or Examples of Past Work. 


The Intent is that the web page for the Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine Superfund site will contain all of the Tribe’s comments provided to EPA, making this information readily available to member of the general public as well as members of the six other Tribes residing and using natural resources of Clear Lake California.


·         Sulphur Bank Mercury Mine, California, Elem Pomo Tribe


Finally, a Whitepaper addressing the age old question “how clean does a site need to be to support traditional Native American uses of federally reserved resources”.  This Whitepaper resulted from a collaboration between Chairman Berry of the Quapaw Nation, Environmental Director Tim Kent, and AESE, Inc.  The Whitepaper provides a means of streamlining cleanups on federally reserved lands or lands used by Tribes for sustenance.  In summary, our experience indicates that a true or full cleanup to pre-contaminated conditions is necessary.  This realization, if committed to early in the process, can save a lot of time and money.


·         Whitepaper: Early Determination of Pre-Mining Background for Mine Sites Affecting Tribal Lands and Resources


Examples of Past Work


·         Two Mining-Related Studies or Work

·         Spokane Tribe's Comments on the Coeur d'Alene Basin RI/FS Process and Proposed Cleanup Plan

·         Human Health Risk Related Work and Recent Publications

Questions/Comments please contact AESE