Fault/Fracture System of the Mine (Under Construction)

The single fault/fracture system is depicted below. The first photo shows where the fault crosses the drift. The waste pile behind the blue pump resulted from mining the fault.

The second photo was taken standing on top of the waste pile looking upward. The mined-out fault is approximately three feet wide were it crosses the drift and pinches-out 30 feet up. The fault unexpectedly caved more in response to core-drilling.. This caused a problem in that circulation was lost and we could not re-collar the hole on the other side of the fault. An AESE team member stolled the fault with lagging, climbed 30 feet to the top, constructed a form and pumped neat cement into the form. After hardening, the formed plug allowed us to drill through the caved area into the hanging wall that was making most of the water.

The third photo shows the fault system in the wall of the drift.

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