Midnite Mine, Wellpinit, Washington

Ground Water Flow Model (GWFM) for the Midnite Mine (Under Construction)

The TWG determined that MODFLOW/MODPATH could meet the aforementioned modeling requirements and that the (GSM) could be used to facilitate pre-and-post processing efforts. Pre-procesing the GWFM is accomplished using PM3 (Scientific Software Group) and the GSM. Post-processing is accomplished using MPDXFEM.EXE. Finally, the results (below) are depicted on the GSM which can be viewed from any orientation using AutoCad.

The GWFM discretizes the study area using 25,536 blocks that are 200 feet long by 200 feet wide by 100 feet high (Figure 2). This rather fine discretization interval serves several purposes: (1) it enables the model to accommodate proposed alternatives such as drains at the very localized scale without having to reconstruct/redescretize the model domain; (2) it allows for analysis of localized phenomena such as flow in the vicinity of the pits; and (3) it results in a more realistic model capable of utilizing structural and geomorphic information. The 200 foot horizontal discretization interval is used instead of 100 foot interval to save computation time.

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